The Monkey Playground.

This site has been many things over the years. Now it is a host to a small Mac program I made for OSX 5 6 7 (now) 8 years ago and have not updated it, so unless you are running that one, don't expect it to work. [ mVNC ] and my own short ramblings and longer ones places.

One may ask - With places like Facebook and Twitter why put your stuff up away from it all? Well, I have accounts on Twitter (@435ftw) and other places that I don't even remember the usernames to - and that is why. This place is my own and I kinda like it like that.


I was lucky enough to present two talks at DC612, the Minneapolis DefCon 612 Group. First during a huge snowstorm onDocumentation - Pay it Forward and second - Hey App - Who Ya Talking To? about the data our phones share right before Covid Lockdown on.

Check out mVNC - my OSX Remote Support tool my OG blog, before I realized I can incorporate word press into this site.

My code is up on Github to use and improve if you have the same interests as me.

Recently (as of Sept 2020) one of kids and I created a simple alphabet ciper. I went the extra mile, and learned a little gCloud to make it available online. Have fun with it til I get a bit bill from Google.

Some years ago now I even interpreted the classic Are You My Mother for Halloween.



Thanks for stopping by!.

eric at the monkey playground dot com