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:~ I wish I had the patience of a two year old, even a six year old.

It's odd to think of the words patience and young child in the same sentence, but really, for all their outbursts, inability to sit still, and wanting more more more - the little things have more patience in them for one task then I seem to have all day.

My two year old spent five minutes working her hands to get a large screw in a peg. She didn't scream. She didn't throw anything. She concentrated and worked it through.

My six year old was working to measure out 5mL of water and was pouring back and forth for a good three minutes until he got it just right.

With the small hands, the height disadvantages we have to start giving them more credit.

When 30 seconds in I want to stick my hands in there and help that shows who the impatient one is.

If I just sit back and let it roll time and time again I will learn patience from them, rather then the other way around.

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