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This site has been many things over the years. Now it is a host to a small Mac program I made for OSX 5 years ago and have not updated it, so unless you are running that one, don't expect it to work. [ mVNC ] and my own short ramblings. One may ask - With places like Facebook and Twitter why put your stuff up away from it all? Well, I have accounts on both and other places that I don't even remember the usernames to - and that is why. This place is my own and I kinda like it like that.


Check out mVNC - my OSX Remote Support tool some random ramblings and pictures I have taken. I even interpreted the classic Are You My Mother for my son a few Halloween's ago.



Enjoy my latest rambling, found picture, or video of the animals.

:~ You know how I feel about violence and guns. I have shared my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on this with you so when the time comes for you to make a decision i hope you will remember what I said.

I don't want you to fight. I don't want you to fight someone else's war.

I want you to know with all I feel about violence that I support you if you need to fight for your safety. If you need to fight for your family, friends, neighbors,and strangers in need to protect or help them.

Protecting yourself or someone else is different than fighting. Protecting is stopping someone from hurting another and stopping when the person can't hurt someone anymore.

If you choose to fight someone, raise a fist or weapon in anger... if you choose to take up arms and fight in someone else's war - you become the person I want you to protect others from.

If you choose violence over words, hurting others over helping you will face the child of a father like me - protecting themselves, their family and friends, or just a stranger in need.

When you must, please make the choice to help, use that hand to reach down and help someone up.

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