The Monkey Playground.

This site has been many things over the years. Now it is a host to a small Mac program I made for OSX 5 6 7 (now) 8 years ago and have not updated it, so unless you are running that one, don't expect it to work. [ mVNC ] and my own short ramblings.

One may ask - With places like Facebook and Twitter why put your stuff up away from it all? Well, I have accounts on Twitter (@435ftw) and other places that I don't even remember the usernames to - and that is why. This place is my own and I kinda like it like that.


I was lucky enough to recently be able to do a talk at DC612, the Local Twin cities (Minneapolis/Saint Paul Area) Metropolitan Hackers Group on documentation. Documentation - Pay it Forward. I'll be adding a blog post soon about the kindness of the hacker community. Be on the lookout for it.

Check out mVNC - my OSX Remote Support tool some random ramblings and pictures I have taken. I even interpreted the classic Are You My Mother for my son a few Halloween's ago.



Enjoy my latest rambling, found picture, or video of the animals.

:~ I am working to move my tech writing to my .dev domain - This will be up and down since it's running on a rasp pi in a secret location in the midwest.

Read all out that on the other site

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