mVNC - an OSX Remote Support tool

Now works with Lion! (but since we are past that now - know that mVNC does not yet work with 10.8)

About mVNC

mVNC is an application designed to enable rapid, easy support between local network users and support personnel. mVNC does this by providing users one-click access to their support staff and immediately launching a screen-sharing session.

By launching the application, the user automatically begins a session with the support staff to make remote assistance possible. The session is ended once the window is closed. Additional advantages include:

  • easy setup;
  • simple to use and convenient for users and support staff;
  • no System Preferences settings to configure;
  • no concern of people accessing the machine at unwanted times.

It is strongly recommended that mVNC be installed and configured by qualified support staff. For the benefit of users, it is best if mVNC is added to the Dock for one-click access.

This software is released for general use under the mVNC name. It is free to use, though strongly recommended that it be installed by qualified support staff.


This program uses the OSXvnc-server extrapolated from Vine Server. The Vine Server license stated that it was free to use, so I have done so. If there are any concerns about this usage, feel free to contact me.

mVNC was created with Platypus and CocoaDialog.

Suggested VNC Viewers:

As with all software, sadly there are no warranties expressed or implied with using this program.



User opens mVNC to call support

Opening mVNC

mVNC running on a user machine

mVNC running

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