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:~ kids and locks
While working today and when she was supposed to be napping the little one comes on in -- takes my lock pick practicing locks and kit and wanders into her room.

It's very quiet.

She and mom leave to go to the store.

I walk past her room to see this.

keys and locks

I am so proud of her.

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:~ healthcare is easy
Really it is.

Healthcare is easy.

See three doctors and have a few tests.

Doctor sends you to see a doctor.

Health Insurance says doctor is in network.

Doctor is not in network were they are to be seen.

Appointment cancelled

Healthcare is easy if you don't need care.

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:~ twitter reply
I find it makes more sense to reply to twitter on here...

So - finally realized speaking to the NRA about sane gun policy is like speaking to the banks about good regulatory policy. Good on you.

Uh ya ya

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:~ music
I can sing every word to music I knew before I graduated college.

Everything after that - even if I listen on repeat, just a hum.


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:~ my dear children
You know how I feel about violence and guns. I have shared my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on this with you so when the time comes for you to make a decision i hope you will remember what I said.

I don't want you to fight. I don't want you to fight someone else's war.

I want you to know with all I feel about violence that I support you if you need to fight for your safety. If you need to fight for your family, friends, neighbors,and strangers in need to protect or help them.

Protecting yourself or someone else is different than fighting. Protecting is stopping someone from hurting another and stopping when the person can't hurt someone anymore.

If you choose to fight someone, raise a fist or weapon in anger... if you choose to take up arms and fight in someone else's war - you become the person I want you to protect others from.

If you choose violence over words, hurting others over helping you will face the child of a father like me - protecting themselves, their family and friends, or just a stranger in need.

When you must, please make the choice to help, use that hand to reach down and help someone up.

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:~ vpns - who do they protect?
Are you tired of getting emails from your ISP about the movies and tv that you are downloading?
Do you want want to watch Netflix, but see what is available in the UK or US?
Do you not want the porn sites to know who you are, or your ISP to snoop on your fetishes?

It's getting to the point that Mashable will copy info from Reddit to talk about a VPN as a saving grace.

But, is it?

In the simplest of terms a Virtual Private Network is a network that is silo-ed from the rest of the network your machine may be on.

For the sake of this rant, let's just say there is no split tunneling and all is secure, just like the VPN I and many others use for work. This keeps all data on the network and away from prying eyes. That is good. It's great really. It protects the data so people can work from anywhere.

The thing is, the VPN protects the data, not the user.

Like private browsing mode, the server on the end can see where you are coming from, who you are, and keep tabs on you.

Yes. Your significant other may not see what you are looking at. Your ISP may not be able to coorelate it was you when Sony sends a Copyright notice, but really, they can, because the VPN protects the data, not the user.

Simple, benign example:
I turn on my VPN to say I am connecting from London.
I open my browser and go shopping for something cool for my wife on Amazon.
I click on a few things I know she likes.
Oh, look it's in my Amazon history, because I am signed into Amazon.

So, the VPN says I am in London. Amazon thinks I am in London. Comcast can't see what I was looking at, but Comcast is not who I am trying to hide my data from at this point. My history shows the truth.

More complex example:
I turn on my VPN to say I am in NY.
I go to a website to download the lastest The Voice episode.
While it's downloading, I go to check my Comcast email. (Don't worry, I don't really use my ISPs email)
Comcast now - because I checked my email, and all sites collect the info on where you come from, even if just for security sake to keep you safe.
So, Sony sends Comcast a Copyright Notice with your NY IP.
Ha! Fooled them!
Really, did you?
If Comast happens to own the network that your NY ip was on, they can coorelate you to using that IP at the same time that downloaded The Voice because you were checking your email at the same time.
Did the VPN protect you or the data?

Yes, one can use the VPN for a different country, so you can't be so easily correlate.

Just remembed, Google, Facebook, Twitter, AOL all use embeds on websites, so they too know where you have been and can help to prove you are lying.

Are VPNs bad? No. They can be a great tool.

Do VPNs give off a false sense of security of what a person can do online? They sure do, and they make a good penny off it to.

Are VPNs for everybody? As long as you know what you are doing and trying to keep private. Remember, VPNs protect the data, not the user.

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:~ purple potato leek soup
Potato Leek Soup

6 purple potatoes
2 large leeks - cut into 1/4 inch bites
1 small white onion - cut
1 handful of collard greens
4 strips of bacon
Parsley to look cool
4 cups veggie broth
3/4 block of cream cheese
1/2 stick of butter
1 tablespoon of minced garlic

Boil water and cut potatoes into 1/4 inch cubes
Boil the potatoes for 15-20 minutes until soft
Heat oil and garlic - then saute onions and leeks for a bit
Add Collard greens and saute until done

Cook bacon til real crispy

Remove potatoes from pot and add the butter and a cup of veggie stock to the pot

Mix potatoes, veggies, and cream cheese in a food processor until smooth - adding veggie stock slowly (and then do it again after Amanda notes that it's still kinda chunky)

Move from the food processor back to the pot.
Stir and keep on low until ready to eat.

Top with bacon and parsley. Add salt and pepper to taste.


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:~ writing on medium
I've adopted Medium as my writing vehicle of choice since I can be assed to mark this site up for proper word flow.

Here is some of my latest ramblings:

We're @ War:

Racism, Hatred and the Middle Class:

Can't forget...

My Birthday:

Instead of waiting for me to post about them here - I can be followed at Medium @ https://medium.com/@435ftw

Peace and Happy New Year.

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:~ be
Be good to people.

People you know, love and kinda like.

People you don’t know.

People who look different, speak different, eat different foods, kiss different people, believe different than you. People who ask silly questions, who give annoying answers, people who look down on you and people who look up to you.

It’s not that hard.

Who am I kidding? It’s really hard to be. It’s really hard to be good. It’s really even harder to be be good to people.

But to try is an excuse. We need to be.

Originally put up @ Medium https://medium.com/@435ftw/4cfc202398f2
Updates will be there if there are any

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:~ dear minnesota
Thank you for being so welcoming. I just need to get one thing out.


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